Bounce With Me

Bounce With Me/Artforum (2009-2020)

This project concentrates on the publication Artforum — considered both as a material object and a cultural force—as an analogy for the complex market-and media-driven art world.

In this project, Liedgren Alexandersson selects an issue from the publication and dissects it—both literally and figuratively—replicating the magazine’s formal structure, analyzing its constituent parts and recreating it through a diverse range of media: drawing, photography, digital collage, painting and weaving. Visual pleasure is expressed throughout the series by way of two-and three dimensional linear structures and colorful compositions superseding economic realities, just as in the art world itself.

By gradually unpacking all of the magazine’s editorial and advertising content, the pictorial elements create a diverse range of components that make up the Bounce With Me/Artforum project. This ambitious undertaking investigates systems of visual information, stylistic languages and the ongoing resonance of conceptual art.