Lisa Liedgren Alexandersson

Lisa Liedgren Alexandersson is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle. Working in a range of media (drawing, painting, photography and weaving) her work investigates themes of identity and the formation of social systems via the lens of feminist theory. With a studio practice that is both contemplative and composed with formal and conceptual rigor, subject matter goes hand-in-hand with the study of mind/body in relationship to materiality.

She is a graduate of ENSBA (MFA) in Paris and Beckmans College of Design (BFA) in Stockholm, a two-time finalist of the Betty Bowen Award, recipient of Artist Trust GAP Project Grant, PONCHO Special Recognition Award and a grantee of the French Ministry of Cultural and Foreign Affairs. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and Canada and is featured in museum and private collections including Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Microsoft Art Collection, and Seattle University.

Liedgren Alexandersson is the founder of Why Women Bend Like Pretzels, ongoing an artistic initiative inviting Seattle residents learning how to weave in communal settings. The project aims to foster knowledge exchange between art practice and the general public. The project premiered in 2020 in Seattle with support from 4Culture.