As a visual artist, the subject has always been composition and content within the structure. Using the mind and intellect as tools for transmutation, my interest is singular that it focuses on creating work that intends to liberate and value the qualities of the emotional body. Ideas seem to come in a ready stream observing popular and cultural belief systems while addressing historical and cultural phenomena overlapping multiple disciplines; painting, drawing, photography, and weaving. The work is process oriented, contextual, and instigated by the subjective, addressing themes around social and economic systems through the lens of aesthetic and stylistic languages. My perspective on the artistic process speaks to the intrinsic qualities of its plastic elements and goes hand in hand with clarity of thought. Which is to say, in my creative practice all intentions are accepted, except those that are unclear.

Approaching my work in this way allows for play and accountability to be present in the decision-making process while creating. The slideshow below; “DoCP” – A Documentation of a Creative Process demonstrates this approach. The first sequence of this project (forty-six drawings made with gouache on paper, 18 x 20 inches) have been exhibited at Kittredge Gallery University of Puget Sound Tacoma, and Nordic Museum in Seattle. Click on main image below for slideshow to begin.